• Trick or Treat

    Side Project

    Grab the candies using your keyboard. Less movement will give you higher rank.

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  • PR Train

    Internal Project

    Distribute GitHub PRs among your teammates efficiently

  • Code Runner

    Side Project

    Quickly run your code online in any browser. Supports C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript

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  • Game of Thrones Quiz

    Side Project

    GOT is famous for killing characters. Take this quiz if you know who died when.

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Open Source Tools

Solid Command Palette

Search and launch quick actions with keyboard

MSW Storybook Addon

Mock API requests inside Storybook

Tailwind Tokens

Exported as CSS variables, SASS map & variables, JSON, ESM & CJS

Variants Storybook Addon

Show all variants of a component in a grid

Optimistic Toggle

Respond to user actions without waiting on API

Mentions Probot Plugin

Get notified when users are mentioned in GitHub comments

Windows Hotspot

Setup a Wi-Fi Hotspot with one command

Material Icons

Import Material Icons as React components