Hey, I'm Aditya.

Senior Frontend Engineer at Razorpay.
I love open-sourcing my knowledge through building projects, giving talks and writing blogs.

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Checklist to spot edge cases in API contracts, design mockups & product behaviour

Open Source Tools

Solid Command Palette

Search and launch quick actions with keyboard

MSW Storybook Addon

Mock API requests inside Storybook

Tailwind Tokens

Exported as CSS variables, SASS map & variables, JSON, ESM & CJS

Variants Storybook Addon

Show all variants of a component in a grid

Optimistic Toggle

Respond to user actions without waiting on API

Mentions Probot Plugin

Get notified when users are mentioned in GitHub comments

Windows Hotspot

Setup a Wi-Fi Hotspot with one command

Material Icons

Import Material Icons as React components

Other Projects

I make lots of side projects whenever I'm
learning new things.

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